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Henk Ploeger en Catharina de Bruin

Henk Ploeger en Catharina de Bruin

INDEKOPERENKETEL is a dutch term which means in english ” in the copper boiler or cauldron ” and it’s a phrase from  Asterix and Obelix.

INDEKOPERENKETEL makes essential oils and hydrosols from local and native plant material which can be applied for medicinal use.

We use steam distillation; a pure method without using any additives, to get essential oils and hydrosols out of plant (waste) materials. By now we have many years of experience using this process. Our handcraft, knowledge, skills and attention for these artisanal products are reflecting our quality.

We promote making and using essentials oils in a wide audience; by publishing (on this website), provide information, organising workshops and trainings for people who care for health and wellbeing.

We use local or regional vegetable waste materials from local growers and forest management. In the near future we hope to be able to produce emmission free.

We supply small bussiness who like we do use permaculture principles of ” Earth care, people care and fair share. “

Destilleerwerkplaats in Gilze

In the summer of 2014 INDEKOPERENKETEL has established a former pigs stable outside Gilze Noord-Brabant. Only one year earlier there were pigs, piglets and sows in this building. Now there are piles of drying trays smelling of lemon melissa and pepermint. This – temporary – distillation workshop place is based on a very suitable location for our activities and purposes.

The kettle is situated about 1 kilometer from Forest of Chaam. There are growing coniferous trees which provide lovely local essential oils. The whole chain of production is taking place within a very small area and can be reached by foot or bike.

We search for our business partners in the region to stimulate local economy and REconomy projects.

We are looking forward to meet you in one of our activities or workshops!

Henk Ploeger & Catharina de Bruin

contact: mail indekoperenketel@gmail.com

blog: distillingherbs.blogspot.nl

blog: www.indekoperenketel.blogspot.com