Collaboration partners of INDEKOPERENKETEL:

Werfzeep is a small artisanal organic soap company and factory, established on Westerkade in Utrecht, Nederland. Werfzeep started is a historic authentic wharf cellar in the centre of Utrechts Oudegracht. For a few years they moved to Wickenburghse forest, south of Utrecht. But recently they established their small factory on Westerkade. Werfzeep adds larch hydrosol of INDEKOPERENKETEL in their shaving soap.


This company of Frank and Monique Radder in het south of Nederland grows exclusive organic aromatic plant for use in the kitchen to cook. In 2014 INDEKOPERENKETEL made essential oil out of their plant waste material.

De Levensboom, established in Wernhout, Brabant, is for more than 20 years leading in education on complementary care. Complementary care arises from a holistisc approach on disease and illness and health, combining attention to body, spirit and soul. Essential oils and hydrosols are used within this approach. Madeleine Kerkhof – Knapp Hayes trains nurses with her knowledge and experience about complementary care in a cooperative called In these trainings you can learn about the techniques of making essential oils and hydrosols in collaboration with INDEKOPERENKETEL.

Tuinjoop makes and sells herbal tea, seeds, herbal products like lipp balm. You can find her very frequent on all kind of markets and events, see her website.

Babis and Janina of Wild herbs of Crete are most generous and hospitable couple who we met during our search for techniques of making of essential oils. They collect and distill since 1994 especially wild herbs in specific region of Crete. A region well known since the history of mankind for the quality and diversity of her aromatic and medicinal vegetation. Their essential oils are the result of wild picking and hand distilled with great care for every plant and environment….

Interesting information about essential oils and the process of distilling:
AROMATHERAPIE, air from the sky, aromatherapy and essential oil. This website is an enormous source of information for everyone involved in aroma therapy and want to learn more about essential oil. The website is a tribute to André Gielen (18-03-2010) and managed by Stichting Faroma synopsis voor Aromatherapie.


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We use in our destillation workshop place local produced solar energy.

INDEKOPERENKETEL is part of national and international networks: 
The PermacultuurNetwerk has arosen on a more demanding scale to collaboration and connection between different active permaculture projects established in dutch language region. This group of enthousiastic volunteers has a goal to help permaculture forward in the Netherlands and Flanders.  They care about providing information to everyone interessed in permaculture. You can find activities on the interactive map on their website of INDEKOPERENKETEL.

logo ecodorpennetwerk
EcodorpenNetwerk (EcovillageNetwork) wants to combine forces by sharing mutual knowledge and experience in collaboratory ecovillages interests. You can find more information about ecovillages in the Netherlands and their newsletter.

Professional herbalists network about herbs in the Netherlands and Flanders.

biocyclic vegan agriculture: organic farming based on ethical and sustainability principles